(Updated) Final rules published on 2/28/23 by the Federal Highway Administration for the use of funds for EV charger installation from the NEVI (National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure) program require certification of installations through the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP):

[At least one electrician] installing, operating, or maintaining EVSE must meet one of the following requirements:

(i) Certification from the EVITP.

(ii) Graduation or a continuing education certificate from a registered apprenticeship program for electricians that includes charger-specific training and is developed as a part of a national guideline standard approved by the Department of Labor in consultation with the Department of Transportation.

(Page 12754 Federal Register / Vol. 88, No. 39 / Tuesday, February 28, 2023 / Rules and Regulations)

A webinar was held on July 7th, 2022 to provide background on EVITP and how it can be accessed across the country. Presenters were Bernie Kotlier and Jennifer Mefford, National Co-Chairs, EVITP.

Scroll down for a recording of the webinar and copy of the slides.

What is EVITP?

EVITP is a brand neutral, volunteer based, non-profit organization that trains electricians in the electric vehicle infrastructure space in the United States and Canada.

Its training includes site assessment, load calculations, National Electric Code, jobsite safety, personal protection equipment, and other installation and maintenance best practices.

The EVITP curriculum was developed in collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders across the automotive, utility, and EVSE manufacturing sectors and with industry professional associations and educational institutions.

What does the proposed FHA regulation say?

“Section 680.106(j) requires States ensure that the installation and maintenance of EVSE is performed safely by a skilled workforce that has appropriate licenses, certifications, and training. The proposed regulation would further encourage States to utilize a diverse workforce of electricians and other laborers.

The proposed regulation also requires that, with the exception of apprentices, all electricians installing, maintaining, and operating EVSE be certified through the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP). The EVITP refers to a comprehensive training program for the installation of EV Supply equipment. To be eligible for EVITP, a participant must be a State licensed or certified electrician or if the participant works in a States that does not license or certify electricians, the participant must provide documentation of a minimum of 8,000 hours of hands-on electrical construction experience. The EVITP was created by a collaboration of industry stakeholders from the private sector and educational institutions. For more information, refer to https://evitp.org/.”

For full details, see Proposed Rules and Federal Register announcement.

Is this subject to change?

While this is “proposed,” the comment period runs through August 22nd while the NEVI grant proposals are required from state DOTs by August 1st, so, in effect, it is a requirement for all NEVI applications this cycle.


Recording of July 7, 2022 EVITP webinar.  Copy of the slide deck.


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