The Transportation and Climate Initiative is now accepting comments on a draft Memorandum of Understanding between states in the Northeast to establish a cap-and invest greenhouse gas pollution reduction program for transportation fuels.  Comments are due by Friday, February 28, 2020.

TCI jurisdictions encourage people, companies, organizations, and communities to provide their input on the modeling findings and the draft MOU to inform the final program design. Feedback is welcomed on all aspects of a potential program, and TCI jurisdictions are highlighting specific topics on which public input is of particular interest.

Those topics include:

  • What factors should TCI jurisdictions consider when setting the starting level and the trajectory for a regional cap on carbon dioxide emissions from transportation fuels?
  • How should the compliance period be structured to provide needed flexibility, while ensuring environmental integrity?
  • What factors should TCI jurisdictions consider when designing stability mechanisms for managing uncertainties regarding future emissions and allowance prices?

More details about the process can be found at TCI’s Regional Policy Design Process website.