The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) anticipates the availability of approximately $189,000 in new federal funds for the reduction of diesel emissions in our state. This money is authorized under the Federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) and is administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since EPA limits the reimbursement coverage of the DERA grants, DEEP suggests stakeholders familiarize themselves with the proposed Partial Volkswagen (VW) Consent Decree as the Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement within the proposed Partial VW Consent Decree may offer more favorable reimbursement coverage.

DERA and EPA require that DEEP use DERA funds for projects that reduce diesel emissions. PRojects must be completed by August 31, 2017. DEEP is seeking grant proposals from municipalities, organizations, and businesses for diesel reduction projects that are environmentally and economically-beneficial, can be initiated promptly, and will be completed quickly. These grants will be subject to applicable provisions of the EPA Subaward Policy.

Additional information regarding this opportunity, including definitions for key terms used below, can be found at Eligible projects are listed below, further details can be found in the FY 2014-2016 State Clean Diesel Grant Program Information Guide.diesel 1

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EPA guidelines restrict replacement projects to hose tat would not have occurred through normal attrition within three years of the project start date. Any application for an early replacement project must specifically identify the vehicle(s) to be replaced and must include a copy of the vehicle or fleet owner’s budget plan, operating plan, standard procedures or retirement schedule to confirm that any vehicle to be replaced is eligible for the program.

DERA rules require that vehicle or technology vendors be selected through an open and competitive process that will ensure a reasonable price for the item. The equipment owner who receives the grant is obligated to demonstrate compliance with these rules for open and competitive procurement of contractual services, replacement vehicles, and./or technologies used on the project. Award recipients also must enter into a contract with the State of Connecticut, and all recipients must comply with state and federal contracting requirements. Applicants should verify that there are no prohibitions or restrictions on the use of federal funds for the proposed project.

Proposed projects will be evaluated based on diesel emission reductions, cost effectiveness (including the applicant’s ability to provide matching funds) and the potential for completion by August 31, 2017. Funding cannot be guaranteed for projects completed and invoiced after that date. To advance EPA’s priorities for the DERA program, projects also will be prioritized based on the degree to which they meet the seven criteria listed in the proposal form and achieve the greatest air pollution reductions.

DERA funds provide an opportunity to save money and support green technologies while addressing the public health and environmental concerns posed by diesel emissions in Connecticut. All interested parties are encouraged to apply and must submit their proposal on the form which can be found at Completed forms and inquiries should be directed to; proposals must be submitted no later than September 7, 2016.

-from Commissioners DERA Invitation Letter